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That's a wrap! A thank you to all involved for Movie Madness from The BBB

A huge thank-you to everyone who joined us!

March Movie Madness was a hit, despite it being a national holiday for many, you still spilled through the doors in all your movie glory, dressed to kill as Lara Croft or Roped up in a Tangled attire of Princess dreams, complete with Pascal the chameleon!

A wonderful thank-you to the exceptional demo host Demo of the day, A Guide To Impact Play with Miss @Tara_Red! Followed by our stage shows with the wonderful Wild Vixen bounding to the stage in beautiful bad-assery!

To our beautiful Lady of Lux, MissLadyLouisa, who as always captivated the crowd at the Meet A Mistress stand.


To our wonderful winners, you were just a joy to have on stage in all your wonderment.

Best Dressed was taken this month by dibbo, part of the the Latex Wonder Duo MissJ_n_dibbo, who graciously knelt and gifted his winnings to his wife, the beautiful Miss J.

Taking runner up in the best dressed and free return tickets for two is the talented Serentiy for their frankly INCREDIBLE hand made Mandalorian costume. This month was a seriously tough call!

Our social media best dressed was won this month by neoteric who took a voucher from SinfulFloggers. Neo, in case you didn’t know, has been with our team for quite a while now. She gives her time each month to coordinate our volunteers and to maintain the smooth sailing of the traders set up. She works incredibly hard and I think now would be a good time to give her a special thank-you for her wonderful work, we couldn’t wrangle the day without you Neoteric.


A grateful thankyou to the new European Bootblack Champion, BadDogBootblack who offered their now, champion services for the day, sublime as ever!


To our traders…. You wonderful bunch, a huge thankyou as always.

  • Scarlet In Chains @ScarletInChains

  • DirtySexyWords @madamezak

  • Bearbite Bondage @bearbitebondage

  • SevenSinLatex @SevenSinLatex

  • Terris Corsets and Lingerie @TerrisCorsets

  • Noctifera Creations @krystalpeeks

  • Electroplay Zapper ** NEW **

  • Spoilt Kitty @SpoiltKitty

  • Sabrinas Whips @Princess_Sabrina

  • Baker Dave @grantmarks

  • Lanas Allures @Lanas-Allures

  • Godemiche @godemiche


  • The Liberation Network: @Liberation-FS

  • And products by:

  • Faye_Sanders

  • bignbuff

  • __ALF__

  • DragonKraft


  • Skullycandles @skullycandles ** NEW **


  • Bondatrix @Bondatrix

  • Leather Delights @leatherdelights

  • Satyr @satyr.lnd

  • Vixon

  • Arkyfox @miss_foxxx

  • TrussedUK @TrussedUK

  • Sinful Floggers @SinfulFloggers

  • Leni's Atelier @LeniUK

  • Freakily Unique @Freakilyunique

  • Kinkz Clothing @kinkz

  • Slick Latex

  • Princess Pankeeki @princesspankeeki


  • HeadBagsUK @Head_Bags_Uk

  • The Facility Studio @The_Facility

  • Whips and Sticks @whipsandsticks

  • LittleHoSoapCo @LittleHoSoapCo

  • KinkyKraken @kinkykrakenuk

  • Hollistic Roy’s Massage @reindeerroy

  • F3Werks @F3werks

  • BoundUK @-BoundUK-

  • Deadly Desires @deadlydesires_kinkart

  • Kerris Spencer

  • Gilly Jean Crafts

  • CharlotteRose Bespoke @MsCharlotteRose

Finally to the kaleidoscope of crew members that makes it all happen. Our Spartans, our mid-shifts and our trainees, thank you! (If you can crew like a Spartan with a smile and would like to join the team then inbox us!)

@-BadRabbit- @Slug- @skullywag @Rick_JL @Just_Sara @_l0ki_ @bear-wolf010 @PureRetro-FS @-fireinhereyes- @master_whiplash @AddysDaddy @and her happy band of volunteers who help the traders unload in the mornings and of course to the Nightingale Club staff who give up their Sundays to liberate ours!

From an elated BBB team @Faye_Sanders, @Beastie-FS and the team, much love until next time


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