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photo policy


We absolutely adore seeing you enjoying yourself at the BBB and the BBBAfterParty, especially when the photos are taken in our designated photo areas.

With a few public pictures sneaking their way online we must take this opportunity to make sure we have been as clear as we can where it comes to our photo policy.

Photos are ONLY allowed to be taken in our designated photo areas.

The reason we do not allow photos in any other areas is because when you hold that phone up to snap a selfie you may have accidentally caught someone in the back of your picture.

Firstly, you haven't gained that person's consent to have their picture taken.

Secondly that person may not be in the same position as you where it comes to sharing pictures of themselves and although completely accidentally you could out them by posting that picture.

Now we know some of you may say:
"we made sure no one was behind us before we took a picture"

And as much as we appreciate that you may well have checked behind you the next person may not have! So for everyone's safety and so there isn't one rule for one and one for another we ask that everyone please keep your photos in the designated areas.

We provide an indoor and outdoor selfie area for both TheBBB and the BBBAfterParty.

You can't miss them!


We frequently hire a professional photographer who will give you that picture perfect snap, edit and send it to you.

If our photographer is unavailable As part of the BBBAfterParty selfie studio we even set box lights up for you to make sure your photos have enough light whilst not compromising our party atmosphere. Please make full use of this area, as we said we absolutely adore seeing your photos go up online!

Wax Lounge/Rope Area
We understand how many folks wish to capture their newly learned tie or a particularly arty wax design. We also appreciate our selfie spots are no where near these two locations and it might be difficult to get there in a leg tie!
For these areas we have introduced "logo laminates" please ask the team members of your area (wax or rope) and they will oversee your photo being taken to ensure no background faces as well as popping a BBBAfterParty logo within your shot.

In the case that an attendee has missed this post, not heard us mention it on stage or not seen our posters on the day and a member of our team does catch them taking photos outside of our selfie areas -
They are not in trouble! But we will ask them to stop and that the images are deleted in front of us.

We hope this helps for those who didn't know.

We hope this helps clarify for those who weren't sure.

For those who are new to us and one last time for those in the back…

Please keep your photos in the designated photos areas, thank you 😊


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