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Whilst normally we would be splitting this post to announce our Meet A Mistress as well as our featured Demo and evening workshop for this month. We don’t need to!

October is all about ViviennelAmour!

The absolutely stunning whip wielding warrior woman will be dominating our stage for most of the day!

Firstly see her incredible skills live on our ground floor stage during our 1:30pm stage show.

A sound warning on this one folks as the whips will be cracking!

Mistress Vivienne has been using bullwhips and singletails on her submissives and slaves for almost a decade. She is ambidextrous, and will be displaying an array of cracking techniques, focussing on progressive build up, flow and continuity within a sensual impact exchange. She offers whip cracking workshops at Celestial Studios in Derby which have been very well attended, and hopefully useful!

She will be demonstrating with:

6ft Parachord Bullwhips

4ft Kangaroo Hide Bullwhips

Both designed and manufactured by Tony at

She will focus on fundamental whip cracking motions, including:

Cattleman’s Crack

Reverse Cattleman’s Crack

Overhead Crack

She will then display how to do these as a short solo demonstration, which she uses initially to strike fear into her bottom, prior to demonstrating how to modify techniques and utilise whips gracefully with her female partner to gradually acclimatise and then enjoy as the intensity slowly builds.

“When I am fortunate enough to be offered the great gift of flesh to flagellate and flay, the electricity which courses through my veins is singularly delicious. I feel erotically energised and eternally grateful for the opportunity to realise my deep and insatiable lust for measured sadism. My goal is to provide an unforgettable exchange which undulates between ferocity and tenderness.”

You can Meet ViviennelAmour personally from 2:30pm-3:30pm as she takes to our ground floor side stage! Whether its to pay her a compliment from the earlier demo, find out more about her fascinating skill set or discuss her professional services, Approach respectfully and adoringly to our halloween special Queen!

Not done yet? Sticking around for the Afterparty? Join ViviennelAmour from 7:15pm in our middle floor cafe for a full hour of whip workshop! She will make an indiana jones out of you yet!

So join us as we are honoured to host our October Meet A Mistress and Featured Demo/Workshop host ViviennelAmour!

🎃 BBB Oct 16 Halloween Special 🎃

🛍️ 3 Floors full of Stalls 🛍️

🦇 Demo: Whips, Vivienne l'Amour 🦇

👻 Littles Munch 👻

🧙‍♀️ Meet A Mistress 🧙‍♀️

🧛‍♂️ Latex Munch🧛‍♂️

🧟‍♂️ Best Dressed Prizes 🧟‍♂️

💃 Boolesque Burlesque 💃


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