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The BBB Celebrates Pride!

Pride is a celebration of people coming together in love, friendship, acceptance, and equality. Remembering and celebrating our history as well as continuing the fight for our future.

🏳️‍🌈Our optional dress theme this month is PRIDE (brightest rainbow!).🏳️‍🌈



  • Ceremony Leather

  • Terris Corsets and Lingerie

  • Joanne's Reviews Estim

  • Electro Wolf

  • PP Medical

  • Scarlet In Chains

  • Alternative Couture

  • Intimate Torment

  • Kinky Monkey

  • DominixWaxplay

  • SevenSinLatex

  • BearBiteBondage


  • Lanas Allures


  • The Liberation Network: A PRELOVED SPECIAL! Liberation-FS And products by: Faye_Sanders jacks floggers bignbuff __ALF__ DragonKraft


  • Leather Delights

  • Bondatrix

  • Hatpup Artwork

  • Arrival of Birds

  • Sinful Floggers

  • Freakily Unique

  • What Granny Made

  • Fetish Woodcraft

  • TrussedUK

  • Leni's Atelie

  • Moonraker Rubber

  • Manticore Leather 🆕

  • Broke Boutique

  • Pixie Glass


  • Spoilt Kitty

  • The Rockwellian Badges

  • BabyBelle DDLG

  • LoveHamma

  • HeadBagsUK

  • CharlotteRoseBespoke 🆕

  • Ironic Krafts

  • F3Werks

  • InnerChild 🆕

  • DirtySexyWords

  • Little Ho Soap

  • The Facility Studio

  • Hollistic Roy’s Massage

  • GillyJean Crafts

  • Kinky Kraken 🆕

  • BoundUK


  • We have a FREE RAFFLE for June! That’s right, upon your entry you will receive a raffle ticket and you will automatically be entered in to win one hell of a prize! BignBuff in association with Liberation-FS will be raffling off one of their beautiful floggers! Hold onto your ticket until the 3:30 Stage show.

  • 1.30pm sees the first of our two stage shows. A welcome to the BBB, special announcements for the day. Trader Talk with Faye_Sanders and her Transgender Makeover Services followed by our Featured demo for this month: “Proud to Be” a collaboration between Ananke- and Faye_Sanders. (Follow onto the evening AfterParty for a full interactive workshop with Ananke- at 7:15pm) And finally the first of our two burlesque performances! We are so excited to welcome to the BBB stage WildVixen!

  • 2pm Latex munch hosted by Latex-Devotion at the ground floor bar, for those who love wearing rubber and latex

  • 2pm - 3:30PM meet a Mistress: this month we have the magnificent MissSuzanna. Approach respectfully to discuss possible bookings and all things MaxwellManor.

  • 3.30pm Brings our second of the day’s stage shows. A few more announcements. Our FREE RAFFLE will be announced! Then comes the second of our two burlesque performances. Welcome back to the stage WildVixen! Finally our best dressed Prizes! Our optional dress theme this month is PRIDE (brightest rainbow!). Prizes for the best dressed (entering the on stage competition on the day) and also on social media (tagged posts submitted before 2pm). Our Star prize this month is from GillyJeanCrafts consisting of a 🌈 Rainbow hamper! 🏳️‍🌈 Which will include a bag, necklace, earrings, lanyard, pins, magnet and more all rapped up in a nice basket! Our runner up prize is from SpoiltKitty and our social media star prize is from LittleHoSoap

KinkFocus Photography Returns! February… he started at the AfterParty. April… he returned. May… he did the spartan shift. June? He's doing it again!

Our wonderful photographer, Kink Focus will be returning to our ground floor selfie area with a bag full of box lights and all the flashes and direction you could need. Alongside being an absolute charmer, guiding you through your photo experience, once you have finished just give him your email address and you can receive your image from the night, edited and stamped with the seals of approval (watermarks).

So come loud

Come proud

And be more bizarre!


💜On Fetlife @_The_BBB_

💙On Twitter @BBBAltFetBazaar

🧡On Instagram @Birminghambizarre

💚On Facebook

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