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Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Our February 💗Love Hurts theme 💗 features a wax play demo with the sensational Violet Incredible!

Learn about the basics of how hot wax play can be and how cool the results can look. From candle options, burning temperatures, managing mess, application techniques and creative removal let violetincredible talk you through how sensual or sadistic wax can be. After the all important safety basics, techniques will include suggestions on marking out design, how to combine with other play, dripping, pouring, splashing and of course splattering. Wax play has always been Violet Incredible's favorite because of how versatile and accessible it is in terms of affordability and skill level.

We will have an introduction to wax play in our shortened demo at 1.30pm with 2 pairs of community players showing off some differing wax techniques in the background to highlight the types of effects Violet will be showing you in the longer evening Education Evolution workshop upstairs at 7.15pm. After Violet's much more indepth evening workshop we will have a Q&A session, then you can have a go yourself playing with wax, plus we also have one of our BBB candle makers trading for the evening so you can buy candles to try for yourself.

Violetincredible is a Midlands based experienced switch with 5 years experience as a prodomme and sensation play educator. She enjoys the sensation side of kink that mixes well with restraint and impact to create more varied scenes. She is lucky enough to have attended some fantastic kink workshops and enjoys learning from others in the community too.

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