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Updated: Sep 25, 2023

## UK Fetish Awards, Vote BBB…AGAIN!

The UK Fetish Awards is an event created to celebrate diversity in the world of kink, and also to help break down the taboos which surround BDSM.This opportunity is exceptional for all those within the fetish community, recognition and celebration of the hard work that goes into creating spaces that are inclusive and supportive of all within our beautiful community, a thankyou to the event organisers & crew for their dedication month after month and a nod to those who travel far and wide to attend our wonderful events and help make them possible.... that's you guys by the way!

In 2022 we had the honour of winning our category and taking home the title of the UKs Best Fetish Event. This was a complete triumph for us and we could not be more grateful for the support we received from you, especially within our first year as the new BBB owners!

Since then we have lived and loved another year of BBB and BBBAfterparty magic with your fine selves; movie madness and Marnie Scarlet, vikings and RipperMoff, more traders, Uv features, wax lounges, bootblacking, more workshop hosts, more dungeon equipment and so much more bizarre!

The BBB and BBBAfterparty go hand in hand, so It is with great pleasure that we announce our participation in this year's Fetish Awards and with the hope that you, our community, the people we do it all for, still feel the same way as us.

The Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar and The BBB After Party asks that you ponder the idea of your events being not only remarkable, inclusive, wonderful, bizarre... But also award winning.

Take a moment to think over some of your best moments with us and if you too feel award winning... Then make it happen!

Head over to the link below and use the stars at the bottom of the profile to vote!

You can also vote for the BBB’s own beastie! You may know her as the stalls coordinator or the stage host. What some may not know is she is also a collared submissive to FayeSanders of seven years and has been living and loving life through service to the community for over 10 years.


We always say this and we truly mean it, we are so much more than a market, we are platform for professionals, whether they be traders, workshop host or performers. We want to cheer all of them on just as much here as we do at the BBB. There's also friends and attendees who have taken leaps into their own careers! So take a scroll through these incredibly talented people who have all been a part of the BBB and Afterpartys journey in one way or another!




Fetish events

Bondage model

Fetish model

Rubber/latex model



New comer

Fetish performer

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