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The UK Fetish Awards is an event created to celebrate diversity in the world of kink, and also to help break down the taboos which surround BDSM.

This opportunity is exceptional for all those within the fetish community, recognition and celebration of the hard work that goes into creating spaces that are inclusive and supportive of all within our beautiful community, a thankyou to the event organisers & crew for their dedication month after month and a nod to those who travel far and wide to attend our wonderful events and help make them possible.... that's you guys by the way!

It is with great pleasure that we announce our participation in this year's Fetish Awards and with the hope that you, as the pillars of our community and the people we do it all for, will feel the same way as us.

The Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar and The BBB After Party asks that you ponder the idea of your events being not only remarkable, inclusive, wonderful, bizarre... But also award winning.

Take a moment to think over some of your best moments with us and if you too feel award winning... Then make it happen!

Head over to the link below and use the stars at the bottom of the profile to vote!

You can vote once every 24 hours up until Nov 8th!

Vote for BBB!

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