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Tog On The Run!

This month we are wanting to try something a little different and shake it up a bit…

Our resident photographer, Kink Focus who can normally be found in the lobby area at the selfie spot is adopting a slightly different take. We here at the BBB want you to feel like all those wonderful varied moments can be captured but perhaps this isn't always available in the moment.

For this month we would like to introduce the roaming tog, Kink Focus will still be available upon request at the selfie spot and the spot itself will be there for free use for those that want it, but he's going to be allowed to vacate his cage, sorry, I mean space, to walk around the BBB Market and you can grab a hold of him for on the spot pictures!

We have implemented this to try and support a bit of fun and spontaneity, however please be aware that the rule of no personal photography outside of the selfie spots is still in place. Our house tog will still be maintaining the space he takes pictures in so that no one else is in the photos except those who have requested and consented to his service.

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