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Tamed: A Guide To Pressure Points @ The BBB- Interview style demo

Interview for April is hosted by beastie-FS with Mist3rbee


Introducing something new to our demo slot this month: A Guide To Pressure Points. Pressure points are a wonderful thing to incorporate into your play, however they can be difficult to understand. This month beastie-FS will be undergoing a short interview with Mist3rbee on their workshop Tamed: A Guide To Pressure Points in preparation for their evening workshop at The BBB Afterparty.


This month, due to the nature of the subject, we will be hosting a short interview instead of a demo to allow those visiting to get some information about the extended workshop and to find out what it’s all about…


1:30pm On the main stage


Mist3rbee has a particular interest in the art of using pressure points within their scenes and is passionate about the knowledge that one requires to use this particular method, boasting 30 years in martial art training, Mist3rbee is profound in technique and tactical application.


Come along this evening to learn about this niche avenue of play in a 1 hour workshop that will highlight the safety points and some ideas for combining with your scene, think things like usage, consensual control situations & compliance as well as much more.


You can find more on the AfterParty Education Evolution here:


🖤BBB APR 16th 🖤

💃Theme Vikings

🛍️ 3 Floors of alternative stalls

🏆 Free Raffle

🔥 Meet A Mistress

🏆 Best Dressed Prizes

💃 Burlesque

🍻 Bars/cafe/garden

⬛Latex munch

😈 AfterParty

🖤BFW OCT 13-15


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