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Compact collapsible spanking bench made by the fabulous __ALF__ Alternative Lifestyle Furniture! A leather finished, soft and supportive upper and a steel powder coated frame with detachable legs. This beautiful discreet piece can be hidden away under a bed, in a wardrobe or tucked behind a sofa, easily transported in your car and super storable, making this pop up piece a perfect addition to anyone's impact journey.

Tickets are £3 each or 2 for £5

This month is a little different as our raffle will be a paid one. We would like to take this opportunity to make you all aware of a cause we hold dear to our hearts and one we have chosen to contribute towards this month.

Alistair (LeatherHiraeth), our resident Bootblack Champion and wonderful community member, who you very well may have seen shining the shoes, latex & leather of the masses with his dutiful team at The BBB has suffered a personal blow this year.

Alistair has been patiently waiting for top surgery. He was placed on the waiting list some 9 years ago and has been quietly awaiting his time since then, unfortunately with covid hitting services, elongating the waiting times and causing catastrophic effects to service personnel and devastating effects to people's health, including this case with the unfortunate diagnosis of long covid and other bodily changes, Alistair was notified recently that his place in the queue had been revoked because his health was no longer at the necessary marker to meet the NHS surgery requirements.

He is now in the process of privately accessing this treatment and we as a community focused event would like to take the opportunity to help by donating 50% of the cash taken for the raffle to Alistars GoFundMe page.

Equally, you can find the GoFundMe linked below

You could win an amazing furniture piece and contribute to something incredible. To purchase tickets please head over to the Liberation-FS stall (ground floor, slightly raised stage as you come up the stairs), you will be greeted by a crew member who can facilitate the sale of tickets. Or you can see crew member foreverhisbeauty walking the venue throughout the day! They will be sold for CASH ONLY. Hold on to your ticket until our 3:30pm Stage show where the winner will be picked!


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