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Humbly, Thank-you all. July BBB was a blast!




A delighted if not exhausted thank-you to everyone who shared space with us for the BBB yesterday, you came in force, en mass with numbers in the high four hundreds, it’s safe to say you took the summer and made it your own! To those who embraced the theme of Summer Fair, there were some beautifully thought out costumes, from flower garlands and frilly dresses, to mushrooms from the woodland. We even saw a little strawberry and their blueberry companion complete with felted hats!

A huge well done to everyone, you all looked captivating and positively delightful.


To our hardworking, handcrafting traders, we thank you as always for bringing your beautiful bespoke items to the BBB and making it a magical place for all who require it.

Forget to grab the name of the trader on the day? Here they are one more time…


  • Bondage Beast @bondage-beast/ Kinky Monkey @Kinkymonkey79

  • Terris Corsets and Lingerie @TerrisCorsets

  • Joanne's Reviews Estim @JoannesReviews

  • Scarlet In Chains @ScarletInChains

  • SevenSinLatex @SevenSinLatex

  • Blk Wych

  • The Facility @the_facility

  • Spoilt Kitty @SpoiltKitty

  • Lana’s Allures @lanasallures

  • BearbiteBondage @bearbite_bondage

  • Alternative Couture @altcouture


  • Skully Candles @skullycandles


  • Bondatrix @Bondatrix

  • Leather Delights @leatherdelights

  • TrussedUK @TrussedUK

  • Sinful Floggers @SinfulFloggers

  • Leni's Atelier @LeniUK

  • Freakily Unique @Freakilyunique

  • DeadlyDesires

  • Kinkz Clothing @kinkz

  • Godemiche @godemiche

  • satanal @officialsatanal

  • DirtySexyWords @madamezak

  • BignBuff Bespoke @bignbuff

  • Fubar Treasures @fubartreasures


  • KinkyKraken @kinkykrakenuk

  • Hollistic Roy’s Massage @reindeerroy

  • PixieGlass @LittleGlassPixie

  • Slick Latex

  • Rubber cara

  • Hubble bubble craft

  • Minimoo @minniemo0s.pacis

  • Cotswold Wood Art @cotswoldwoodart

  • Tentickle @tentickle

  • Anders Crafts @anders_crafts


To all of our prize winners, you beautifully dressed kinksters!

The wonderful kittyamory for taking the social media best dressed and a pick of pup hood from Bondage Beasts, bondage-beast. Your outfit was wonderfully creative and exceptionally executed, you lit up every place you walked and exuded summer flower goddess.

sophsparkles who took the runner up best dressed winning free return tickets to the BBB & AP, you were pretty in pink and florals and you looked positively darling, lord knows how you walk in those shoes though!

To the lovely winner of the best dressed stage show went to the aptly named forestgoblin who commanded the roar from the crowds in their Fae folk attire complete with *hand made* mushroom hat! We hope your feral dreams came true today and we thank you so *mush* for your fantastic addition to the competition. Get it… mush, because they were a mushroom.

We'll see ourselves out.

Big thanks go to our Meet A mistress for the day, the wonderful bombshell Herself, Lady Emily Leeds! For your time, your elegance and your exceptional latex outfits (you looked incredible), a huge thankyou from all of us at the BBB we hope you had a fantastic time and look forward to seeing you again some time.

Our performer for the day was the delectable Ripper Moff, we extend our thanks, Mr Humpfries went down a treat again and your debut of the Great British Bizarre *Bake Off* will stay in our memories… and the nightingale stage for years to come.

Daddy Hollywood would be proud! Especially those delicious buns!

And to our wonderful demo host alwayspurple for running rings around the audience with her beautiful flogging skills. You moved effortlessly around the stage swirling and flinging and floating with ease, thank-you for imparting us with your skills and time. The 5 F’s of flogging, which teaches us how to use flow and technique to create beautiful and functional displays and actions within a scene.

Flip, flap, flop, flow and fuckinel’... No, that’s not quite right, we should have attended the workshop, clearly.


Finally to the kaleidoscope of crew members that makes it all happen. Our spartans, our midshifts and our trainees, thank you! (If you can crew like a Spartan with a smile and would like to join the team then inbox us!)

-BadRabbit- Slug- skullywag Rick_JL Just_Sara _l0ki_ @bear-wolf010 Himbo- -fireinhereyes- kittyamory AddysDaddy, daddysaddy Neoteric and her happy band of volunteers who help the traders unload in the mornings and for pack down and of course to the Nightingale Club staff who give up their Sundays to liberate ours!

From exhausted but happy BBB Owners Faye_Sanders & Beastie-FS and the all crew


If you would like to be in our BBB "Tagged in" gallery please add @_The_BBB_ in the People box under your photo! Show off your outfits, shopping, hotel shots, bruises & smiles! Or just tag us in your reviews or photos so we can love and reply to you!

(Same goes for our @BBB_Afterparty gallery tag them in the People box!)

Join us next month for God's & Goddesses theme, proudly hosting ViviennelAmour.


Join us next month for God's & Goddesses theme, proudly hosting ViviennelAmour.



Fine all of our 2023 dates and themes here:

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