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Following on from 2023’s fundraising raffle!

Coming to BBB February is our next round of fundraising for Himbo_ ! One of BBB, BFW and LBL’s crew members, a long time friend and fetfamily, who is a kind, considerate and active community member. The money raised will be put towards Himbos transition/top surgery fund, helping to cover everything from medical cost to post op support.

The pot was started last year with donations from BFW as well as those who chose to donate directly to the gofundme. Over November and December we launched our first raffle and had some incredible prizes. 

For February we are back with another raffle and another round of fabulous prizes from some fabulous traders and community members.

Top prize for Febs raffle is a stunning wooden paddle from Fetishwoodcraft

Also up for grabs we have:

  • Fluffysadistical has donated a pendant made by their making page

  • Twistedjewellery. The winner will be able to choose and discuss a custom piece!

  • A bottle of BBB gin! Donated by the BBB+Afterparty

  • SpoiltKitty have generously donated a £30 voucher for this raffle as well!

  • 2 Tickets to -UNDERLAND- August 31st Level 2 party! 

Tickets will be priced at £2 Each or 3 for £5! 

Winning numbers will be drawn during our 3:30pm stage show!

If you cannot attend but would like to donate, here's the link you need:

But if you are joining us for Movie Madness and would like the chance to win a fabulous prize whilst also helping support someone… come along to February 18th BBB!

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