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Updated: Oct 22, 2023

A Thank-you from us to you.





To those who embraced the theme Birthday Special! Thank you. Time and time again you fill us all with joy, your outfits, your enthusiasm, your presence… and also presents (get it, because it’s our birthday?)

Your themed outfits were wonderful! We saw a whole lot of party attire, including some absolutely fantastic latex, a little nod to the glorious patron who donned a full latex suit, complete with dinner jacket! You absolutely took the theme and ran with it guys and we were here for it!


To our hardworking, handcrafting traders, we thank you as always for bringing your beautiful bespoke items to the BBB and making it a magical place for all who require it.

Forget to grab the name of the trader on the day? Here they are one more time…

  • Bondagebeast/Kinky monkey

  • Scarlet in chains

  • Terri’s Corsets

  • DSW

  • JoannesReview

  • BearbiteBondage

  • Sevensinlatex

  • Spoilt Kitty

  • Alternative Couture

  • BignBuff Bespoke

  • Lanas Allures

  • noctifera

  • Indy-scent NEW

  • Skully Candles

  • Leather Delights

  • Bondatrix

  • Trussed

  • Sinful Floggers

  • Freakily Unique

  • Lenis Atelier

  • Godemiche

  • Whips and Sticks

  • Radically Reaping NEW

  • Deadly Designs

  • Al The Rebel NEW

  • Roy's Massage

  • HeadBagsUK

  • Kinky Kraken

  • The Facility

  • Life Of Pyrography NEW

  • Satanal

  • Blk Wych

  • Bound UK

  • Mystic Mistress NEW

  • Arrival of birds

  • Cotswold wood art

  • Slick Latex

  • Radical Celebrant

A little nod to a few traders:

Indy-scent, for their beautiful scented oils, they were a delight to sniff through and you provided a little of something funny in your wonderful branding, we were particularly fond of the scent ‘GAYYYYYYYYY’, which seemed to be a favourite amongst the crew.

Mystic Mistress, your debut with us seemed to be very well received, providing patrons with some beautiful insights and memorable moments.

Al The Rebel who has begun their Europe tour all the way from America this past week! And chose to spend the day with us, they took their pitch by storm lighting up the bar area and table with LED displays and a beautiful selection of bespoke jewellery pieces.

To all of our prize winners! From the free raffle (sponsored by BignBuff Bespoke) and hosted by our one and only beastie-FS co-supported by Award Winning Mistress Violet, to the best dressed entries on stage and social media.

Winners and other beautifully best dressed kinksters, you smashed it out of the venue!

Taking the Best Dresses stage prize this month in all their fuzzy glory, big paws and delightfully large grin was a fantastical and fabulous furry! We are SO sorry, in the mania of the stage show and the noise, we were unable to accurately write your name down, please reach out to us and we will add in your tag! This month's prize was sponsored by head_bags_UK, thank you for your generous donation!

Our runner up prize for the stage competition, taking free return tickets for them and a +1 to the BBB & Afterparty was a Birthday Girl too!! mermaidslut69 was certainly given some serious cheers from friends & partners and we heard them loud and clear!

Our Best Dressed social media winner was chucky137 & partner. You were both ABSOLUTELY bun-tastic and we adored your efforts and execution and expression of self! Sponsored this month by sinfulfloggers by way of a £50 voucher!!

And the delightful bessiebaby took the runner up taking free return tickets for them and a +1 to the BBB & Afterparty, which means she gets a day off crewing!!

Congratulating allroundfun for their winning raffle ticket, taking home a bespoke, hand crafted and tooled floral paddle from bignbuff Bespoke.

A massive applause to violetincredible & wax bunny -badrabbit- for a fantastic taster demo, bringing a splash to the stage and a whole lot of heat with a wax pour to die for! Showcasing the wonderful skills she has honed and discussing briefly some safety and skills needed to achieve varying creations or styles.

Sponsored and created by skullycandles specifically for the taster & Afterparty workshop.

Big thanks go to MEET A MISTRESS Mistress Violet (and Her prim and proper latex maids) for sharing Her time and space with the crowds, thankyou for your kindness and your expertees. We hope you had a wonderful time with us and we look forward to seeing your AwardWinning Self again soon.

A thank-you to our beautiful living microphone bessiebaby who took over as microphone stand when our technical issues…. Broke.

A huge thank you to Bambi Bang Bang, who as ever embodied her character with glee and gusto, a particular nod to Butter Wouldn’t Melt which left us all in awe of how sexy butter can be! Never thought we’d be lusting after Lurpak!

A huge thankyou to Midlands_femdom For the Femdom Munch from 12-4pm, missladylouisa & suitedswitch, you are phenomenal and inspirational Women and your boy is a wonderful support, we home you B/both had a great time with your visitors.

Finally to the kaleidoscope of crew members that makes it all happen. Our spartans, our midshifts and our trainees, thank you! (If you can crew like a Spartan with a smile and would like to join the team then inbox us!)

-BadRabbit- Slug- skullywag Rick_JL Just_Sara _l0ki_ Alice_Malice_ waggle AddysDaddy -megan- DaddysAddy kittyamory bessiebaby waywardson0121 babyonanbike Himbo_ bigbro silver_light & in house photographer kinkfocus Neoteric and her happy band of volunteers who help the traders unload in the mornings and of course to the Nightingale Club staff who give up their sundays to liberate ours!

A very special nod to kinkfocus who came to us during the day having ran a 10k race! AND STILL DID PACK DOWN!

**From elated BBB Owners Faye_Sanders & Beastie-FS and the crew**

And one for the memories, just because its delightful!


If you would like to be in our BBB "Tagged in" gallery please add @_The_BBB_ in the People box under your photo! Show off your outfits, shopping, hotel shots, bruises & smiles! Or just tag us in your reviews or photos so we can love and reply to you!

(Same goes for our @BBB_Afterparty gallery tag them in the People box!)




Don’t forget next month is a huge endeavour for the BBB/ AP & BFW

BFW are embarking on a full weekend alongside the October BBB & AP events and have a huge amount of goings on.

Three days, five experiences, multiple sponsors, dozens of hosts and special guests, performances and prizes. A showcase of what the Birmingham and Midlands scene has to offer; The people, places and projects. Brought to you by the BBB and friends.

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