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It was the last BBB before christmas and all through the house…Just kidding, but it was our last BBB of 2022 and thank you to all who came and made the festive fetish funfair that it was! To those who embraced the theme and put tinsel and baubles in the most fabulous of places, thank you so much, you looked fantastic, just check them out…

To our hardworking, handcrafting trader elves, we thank you as always for bringing your beautiful bespoke items to the BBB and making it the Diagon alley of the alternative world. Forget to grab the name of the trader on the day, here they are one more time…


* Intimate torment

* Kinky Monkey

* Terris Corsets and Lingerie

* Scarlet In Chains

* Electro Wolf

* The Facility Studio

* bearbitebondage

* RubberCara Preloved

* Godemiche

* DirtySexyWords

* Bondatrix


* Hatpup Artwork


* The Liberation Network: Liberation-FS


* Leather Delights

* TrussedUK

* Sinful Floggers

* Freakily Unique

* DeadlyDesigns

* Satyr

* Primal Leather

* Whips and Sticks


* Spoilt Kitty

* HeadBagsUK

* KinkyKraken

* F3Werks

* BoundUK

* Tentickle

* Fetishwoodcraft

* Queen of chains

* KinkyCutieCreations

* Anders Craft

* Hollistic Roy’s Massage

* Lanas Allures

To all of our prize winners! From the pass the parcel through to our free raffle winners and best dressed kinkmas kinksters! You were all amazing and we hope you had as much fun as we did! To the traders who made our annual pass the parcel happen, we cannot thank you enough for your stunning donations and for helping us spread the kinkmas cheer alittle bit further this year. To all the good sports who took home sweet FUCK ALL, thank you!

Big thanks go to the stunning rubber clad RubberCara for gracing us with her presence as our December Meet a Mistress. Whilst unfortunately RubberCara did not make it over to the stage yesterdays that was only because of her wonderful preloved stall which was packed all day! If you didn't get chance to talk to the lady herself, Mistress Cara can be contacted at & Via Twitter @RubberCara

A huge thank you to BellaDonna who returned to the BBB stage for the first time since February 2022! And damn did she come back with a bang! Showing off her new balloon swallowing skills and sparkling up our kinkmas stage (there was so much glitter!) She was the fairy on our tree! Thank you!

Finally to the kaleidoscope of crew members that makes it all happen. Our spartans, our midshifts and our trainees, thank you! (If you can crew like a Spartan with a smile and would like to join the team then inbox us!)

-BadRabbit- Slug- skullywag Rick_JL Just_Sara _l0ki_ Alice_Malice_ bear-wolf010 just_sara_boy PureRetro-FS jaqpurple bratofalltrades Himbo- -fireinhereyes- agallantdominant, master_whiplash AddysDaddy Neoteric and her happy band of volunteers who help the traders unload in the mornings and of course to the Nightingale Club staff who give up their sundays to liberate ours!

**From an elated BBB team Faye_Sanders and Beastie-FS and the team wishing you all a very merry kink filled christmas and a wonderful new year, much love x**

If you would like to be in our BBB "Tagged in" gallery please add _The_BBB_ in the People box under your photo! Show off your outfits, shopping, hotel shots, bruises & smiles! Or just tag us in your reviews or photos so we can love and reply to you!

(Same goes for our BBB_Afterparty gallery tag them in the People box!)

Until next year…

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