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BBB HALLOWEEN SPECIAL THANKS - Partnered with Birmingham Fetish Weekend!


To those who embraced the theme HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR Thank you. You thoroughly creeped us out!

We were absolutely booming with life from doors open and we saw all manner of outfits from the creepy to the creative, fetish and fantastical, sexy and seductive, death inducing and delightful. Always a crowd favourite.


To our hardworking, handcrafting traders, we thank you as always for bringing your beautiful bespoke items to the BBB and making it a magical place for all who require it.

Forget to grab the name of the trader on the day? Here they are one more time…

Ground Floor

  • Bondagebeast/Kinky monkey

  • Scarlet in chains

  • Terri’s Corsets

  • BearbiteBondage

  • Sevensinlatex

  • Spoilt Kitty

  • Alternative Couture

  • Bignbuff

  • Baker Dave

  • Noctifera

  • back after 6months Electrowolf

  • Lanas Allures

  • Skully Candles

  • Sinnovator

  • NEW Softcore Hardware

Middle Floor

  • Leather Delights

  • Bondatrix

  • Trussed

  • Sinful Floggers

  • Freakily Unique

  • lenis atelier

  • Ironic kraft

  • Kinkz

  • back after 4 months Vixon

  • Whips and sticks

  • Deadly Designs

Top Floor

  • Roy's Massage

  • HeadBagsUK

  • Kinky Kraken

  • The Facility

  • freebound studio

  • Life of pyrography

  • gay glass stall

  • NEW Dominion Fetishwear

  • Wrydwood

  • Kittysecret

  • NEW Delicious Evilness

  • Hubble Bubble Craft

  • Blk Wych

  • Satanal

  • Back after 6 months Blossomgoods

  • Fetishwoodcraft

  • Godemiche

  • S.A.M

Taking the Best Dressed stage prize this month from freeboundstudio with a near fully hand made piece of equipment... Is the wonderful Ghost buster mrstew1984 who shared with us that they have been creating their outfit for a number of months in preparation for Halloween! We commend your efforts, they really were nothing short of incredible!!

Our runner up prize for the stage competition, taking free return tickets for them and a +1 to the BBB & Afterparty is the adorable Ffboydan congratulations, you looked wonderful!

Our Best Dressed social media winner. Sponsored this month by The Gay Glass Stall with a £25 voucher! A very special nod to the social media winner group of 4 that you may recognise from time to time as crew & friends. The dinosaur wrangler extraordinaire Addysdaddy and his band of vicious and demanding young dinos including daddysaddy mermaidslut69 & lilbambii were seen grazing the pastures of the BBB, thankfully the Jurassic group were too warm and had to escape the confines of their large costumes, meaning we avoided being gobbled up/ trampled for too long!

A huge thank you to Will_Hunt and Redridingbrat for donating their time and knowledge to the stage in their taster demo all about fear play. Did you head along to the workshop to find out what’s in the box!?

As ever, you were B/both exceptional to host and I’m sure many eyes were opened to the ways of fear and how you can enjoy that in a scene.

Our performer Selenia Castle brought us some fantastic gorelesque/ neo-burlesque and fire performances today. We extend our warm wishes and thanks for your amazing skills and beautiful, dark and fascinating creative performances. Spells, wax pours, blood, fire and gore to a soundtrack of metal and rock is absolutely the BEST choice for a Halloween theme!

Big thanks go to Mistress- Miss Julia Taylor & the gorgeous Master for the day- Master Adam, thank you for your kindness and your expertise. We hope you had a wonderful time with us and we look forward to seeing you both soon.

A special nod to Miss Taylor, who embodied the theme and donned the most fantastic latex clown ‘IT’ outfit complete with red floating balloons and with toothy grin. You were fantastic to watch creeping about the place luring in victims… I mean, customers.

Swink Social hosts Dragons_Pride, Foreverhisbeauty, Miles_C and Astolaine, once again, thank you for your time, you seemed busy as ever in your little pocket of Swink throughout the afternoon. Thank you for providing a cross over space for the communities! Hope you all had an amazing time.

To the Bootblacks who flooded the space this month, DKleather LeatherHireath, family, judges and friends, thanks for joining us and providing the community with space to observe the first event UK Bootblack Championship. The whole weekend was a mass of leather boots and seated customers, you shined your way through the day. Congratulations to the newly appointed title holder _Pine_ You worked hard for your win and it was well deserved. Congratulations from the whole team.


We were also pleased to be able to witness Leatherhireath receiving their collar after their beautiful dedication to training over the last few years. Congratulations and thank you to everyone for choosing us to share your beautiful moments with.

A heartfelt thank you to Terry & Paul, who are the creators of the original BFW, before our relaunch and who have followed our inspiration from the first burning ember to the fire we have just created.

We thank you for your support and continued cheer leading during the planning and execution of this mammoth task and are grateful to have such wonderful people to follow in the footsteps of. We hope we did you proud.

Finally to the kaleidoscope of crew members that makes it all happen. Our spartans, our midshifts and our trainees, thank you! (If you can crew like a Spartan with a smile and would like to join the team then inbox us!)

-BadRabbit- Slug- skullywag Rick_JL bear-wolf010 Just_Sara just_sara_boy Alice_Malice_ waggle AddysDaddy DaddysAddy devils_rejects691 -fireinhereyes- PureRetroFS kittyamory bessiebaby waywardson0121 Himbo_ bigbroS silver_light & kinkfocus. Neoteric and her happy band of volunteers who help the traders unload in the mornings and of course to the Nightingale Club staff who give up their Sundays to liberate ours!

Clinically dead BBB Owners Faye_Sanders & Beastie-FS and the zombie crew

If you enjoyed spending time with us this Sunday or any other Sunday, OR if you were part of the crowds attending our collaborative Birmingham Fetish Weekend Friday & Saturday we would love to take a moment to remind you that we, along with many other BBB affiliates & friends are entered in to the UK Fetish Awards this year.

We are the current title holders of UKFA Best Fetish Event 22’ and would be elated to maintain that title for another year, as well as supporting our many friends in their own categories. Please see the link below to vote.


If you would like to be in our BBB "Tagged in" gallery please add @_The_BBB_ in the People box under your photo! Show off your outfits, shopping, hotel shots, bruises & smiles! Or just tag us in your reviews or photos so we can love and reply to you!

(Same goes for our @BBB_Afterparty gallery tag them in the People box!)

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