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A heartfelt thank you to everyone, from us, to YOU.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us!

A moment to say thank you to everyone who came, in all your colours and all your glory you rocked the socks off our pride theme. You really made us PROUD of your PRIDE.

We were incredibly short staffed and under the weather this month and we thank you for your patience and your grace in allowing us time to breath where we needed to.

To our performances! Once again we have been stunned with your attention to detail, your colourful demeanour and extravaganza and your wonderful, both rippermoff & MarnieScarlett took to our stage and showed us the meaning of pride and the embodiment of bizarre. The costumes, the glamour, the gravity of both performances will live with us till you join us again!

A special thanks to rippermoff for providing information on their evening workshop, expertly delivered by our very own beastie-fs, who shared the stage and information while you readied yourself for your impeccable performance.

We were thrilled to be joined by Nikki Whiplash, who took to the side stage in a glamorous latex rainbow dress and gave up her time to engage with customers as this month's Meet A Mistress and co decision maker for the best dressed award. As ever, you were devoted to the space and delighted to be acquainted.

Best dressed went to Serenity, who once again blew us out of the venue with their incredible outfit, a statement that embodied pride in trans colours of white pink and blue. Serenity created an angel-like wearable that was composed of full, large wings covered in hand made material feathers and other accessories on the body, upon taking to centre stage she revealed her wings in all their glory, pulling on a cord that opened the wing to full height.

Rovingcreature, another fantastic handmade creation taking runner up best dressed. A powerful message to the trans community, love, support, respect, inclusion, power. I am who I am! Marcel created something that packed a punch and made people see him for HIM. Entering the stage he appeared fairly demure in a dowdy gown made of what looked like bin liners, complete with ruffled paper collar, once at the front he ripped back the swathes of material revealing his message. I Am Man. A poignant message to all, especially for the theme, but for everyday too.

Mistress_bear took the social media best dressed prize with a wonderful latex outfit, she perfectly matched fetish and pride with addition of the lovely rainbow overlay.

Rainbowflowers taking the runner up social media prize and living up to their namesake. Rainbow, as their name suggests is a super colourful being and this month, as ever they embraced their joy of the bright and the bold to take on the pride theme and we couldn’t let them leave without celebrating that.

We’re so sorry to say we didn’t get the raffle prize winners name, but we hope you enjoy the beautiful skullycandles rainbow set, please message us if you’d like to be added in here.

To our traders, new and old, thank you for creating the products and delivering some of the atmosphere that our wonderful crew and fabulous customers have come to love so much. Hardworking & handcrafting, we thank you, as always, for bringing your beautiful bespoke items to the BBB and making it a magical place for all who require it.

Forget to grab the name of the trader on the day? Here they are one more time…


  • Scarlet In Chains @ScarletInChains

  • Terris Corsets and Lingerie @TerrisCorsets

  • DirtySexyWords @madamezak

  • Joanne's Reviews Estim @JoannesReviews

  • Bearbite Bondage @bearbite_bondage

  • SevenSinLatex @SevenSinLatex

  • The Facility Studio @The_Facility

  • Alternative Couture @altcouture

  • Spoilt Kitty @SpoiltKitty

  • SkullyCandles @skullycandles

  • Intimate torment @Intimatetorment

  • Beasts Of Bondage

  • Kinky Monkey @Kinkymonkey79

  • Godemiche @godemiche

  • Alternative Lifestyle Furniture @__ALF__

  • BignBuff Bespoke @bignbuff

  • DragonKraft @dragoncraft


  • CelestialStudios @celestialstudios

  • Bondatrix @Bondatrix

  • Leather Delights @leatherdelights

  • TrussedUK @TrussedUK

  • Sinful Floggers @SinfulFloggers

  • Leni's Atelier @LeniUK

  • Freakily Unique @Freakilyunique

  • Ironic Krafts @ironickrafts

  • Tentickle

  • Whips & Sticks @whipsandsticks

  • Arrival Of Birds @arrivalofbirds


  • HeadBagsUK @Head_Bags_Uk

  • LittleHoSoapCo @LittleHoSoapCo

  • KinkyKraken @kinkykrakenuk

  • CharlotteRose Bespoke @MsCharlotteRose

  • Hollistic Roy’s Massage @reindeerroy

  • F3Werks @F3werks

  • BoundUK @-BoundUK-

  • Princess Pankeeki

  • Gilly Jean Crafts

  • Gay Glass Stall @thegayglassstall

  • Gloria Syn @satanal

  • Radical Celebrant @radicalcelebrant

  • Deadly Desires Kinkart

  • Kitty secret

  • Fetishwoodcraft @fetishwoodcraft

  • Slick Products

  • Sabrina’s Whips @Princess_Sabrina

  • Artesquedoll

  • Pige0n Photography

Finally to the family of crew members that makes it all happen, however small we were this month, we smashed it. Our spartans, our midshifts and our trainees, thank you!

(If you can crew like a Spartan with a smile and would like to join the team then inbox us!)

-BadRabbit- skullywag Rick_JL Just_Sara Alice_Malice_ bear-wolf010 just_sara_boy AddysDaddy Neoteric and her happy band of volunteers who help the traders unload in the mornings and of course to the Nightingale Club staff who give up their sundays to liberate ours!

From an elated BBB Owners Faye_Sanders & Beastie-FS and the crew, much love.


BBB AfterParty:

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