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A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for Mythical Mayhem

The much anticipated Mythical Mayhem was a huge hit. The stage was filled with so many different and inventive costumes, makeup and magic. From the bards to the bridge trolls, unicorns and fae folk, orcs and the many succubi, it was everything we’d hoped to achieve and more.

To the expressive and eclectic Dominus Von Vexo, who once again out performed the whole stage! Your energy and your command of your art is always awe inspiring and we have never wanted a fairy god mother so much until now!!

Quick Sexy Rope, brought to us by NotForSofties and partner in crime treacletarty, provided informative and fun ways to incorporate rope into your scenes!

Our Meet A Pro for the month was the outstanding Miss Suzanna Maxwell, taking to Her throne for the day. You commanded a crowd and looked like a dream in your holographic get up!

To our INCREDIBLE best dressed entries. We haven't seen anything quite like it tbh and while it wasn’t our biggest line up to date, it was certainly one of the most memorable!

Our winner this month, taking home prizes from Slick Latex and Krystal Peeks were- candy_trollop as the bluest creation we’ve ever on social media, seen in all their mythical mystery & mogtheork, equally colourful and clad in leather adornments, armour and more!! The best Ork around! We hope you enjoy your prizes and hope to see you both again soon!

A moment to thank all of those who decided to purchase raffle tickets this month, were happy to say you all raised a further £349 towards Himbo's fundraiser. If you didn’t get a chance to buy a ticket but you wanted to offer some financial support, you can donate to the Go Fund Me page set up for the cause:

The current total is now at: £ 2764

A huge thank you our traders, in case you forget or need to seek them out, here they are again:


Bondagebeast/kinky monkey

Scarlet In Chains

Bear Bite


Spoilt Kitty

BignBuff Bespoke


Lanas Allures

Skully Candles

NEW Cross Dressers Closet

NEW Vawn & Boon (Breast Form & PVC)

Cruz Canines (Tooth Gem Stall)


NEW Seamingly Creepy


Leather Delights


Sinful Floggers

Freakily Unique

Leni's Atelier - International Alternative Beauty Hubr


whips and sticks


Fubar Treasures

Blssm goods



Cotswold Wood


Roy's Massage

NEW Houseofhon (Latex Accessories)


Slick Latex

Kinky Kraken

The Facility

NEW Monsters Love Machines

NEW Peaches Creatures


Delicious Evilness

Gayglass Stall

To the wonderful littles munch team, a huge thank you for taking space and holding it for the ageplayers of the community. We hope you had lots of smiles and fun! litjennifer was very short staffed this month. But helpful little hands came to the rescue with set up and pack down. Thank you all.

The Bootblack Munch hosted by Pine which is held on the top floor. Thank you for creating a space for the community to come together and celebrate a core fundamental of the scene. It was absolutely thriving!

A note of thanks that the bootblack team generously donated 50% of their tips to Himbos fund too, thank you so much!

Finally to the kaleidoscope of crew members that makes it all happen. Our Spartans, our midshifts and our trainees, thank you! (If you can crew like a Spartan with a smile and would like to join the team then inbox us!) Rick_JL Just_Sara just_sara_boy kittyamory AddysDaddy -BadRabbit- Slug- skullywag Alice_Aching Bessiebaby bear-wolf010 agallantdominant bratofalltrades DaddysAddy lilbambii LittleYuriOkami silver_light Neoteric and her happy band of volunteers who help the traders unload in the mornings and of course to the Nightingale Club staff who give up their Sundays to liberate ours!

From elated BBB owners Faye_Sanders and beastie-FS and the whole team, much love

If you would like to be in our BBB "Tagged in" gallery please add @_The_BBB_ in the People box under your photo! Show off your outfits, shopping, hotel shots, bruises & smiles! Or just tag us in your reviews or photos so we can love and reply to you!

(Same goes for our @BBB_Afterparty gallery tag them in the People box!)

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